Rihanna And Lady Gaga Were Twinning, Ariana Sparkled In Sequins, And More Top Our Headlines This Week

What, like you've never seen Gaga wear underwear as outerwear?!
Photo: Splash

• When it comes to style, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are known to do their own ~thing~. But when both of them stepped out wearing pink satin robes—during the day, in public, with heels—we couldn't help but wonder if we were observing a trend in motion. (Trend or not, try at your own risk.)

• Ariana Grande kissed her signature monochrome costumes goodbye (at least for the night!) when she took the stage at the MuchMusic Awards in some serious sequins. The girl seriously lit up the stage—and this time, it wasn't just because of her voice.

• Kanye stopped by Cannes to talk about fashion, technology, and how getting a cover from Vogue made everything—including, apparently, a video as bonkers as Bound 2—OK. We still don't know if Anna Wintour would be into the whole getting-frisky-on-a-motorcycle thing, but whatev makes Ye happy makes us happy.

• Zendaya was just tapped to star in Aaliyah's biopic, but the Disney star has been channeling the R&B princess for years. She even dressed up as Aaliyah for Halloween last year, '90s Tommy Hilfiger and all. Girl is ready.

• T.I. (finally!) released his music video for "No Mediocre" featuring Iggy Azalea. No offense to our boy TIP, but Iggy Iggs—and her Dolce & Gabbana LOVE belt—totally steal the show. We, well, love it.

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