Who Wore It Better: Kanye West Or North West?

Kanye West, North West

Photo: @kimkardashian Instagram

Yesterday North West (aka #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTBABY) had her first birthday, and it looks like she's already taking after her dad in the fashion department. Not that we're surprised: North's ever-expanding wardrobe has been stocked with designer duds since she was only a few months old thanks to all of Kanye's designer friends. But this Father's Day, which coincided with her birthday, North showed off a new side of her steez that was less fancy and more functional. Kim Instagrammed North napping alongside Kanye in a cozy heather gray tee that matched her dad's, making our collective hearts melt. We still haven't gotten over how utterly adorable the photo is, but anytime there's matching, our brains automatically flips the "Who wore it better?" switch.

We know you can't really judge a one-year-old's style (let's be real, she's not dressing herself here), but we also may or may not be #TeamNori right now just because her head-to-toe matchy-matchy ensemble is giving us so many feels (translation: making our ovaries EXPLODE). *shrugs* On the other hand, her outfit is clearly Yeezy's doing—I mean, he even helps dress mommy. And not only that, we're also talking about the man who invented the leather jogging pant here, who made Margiela masks a household name, created a sneaker that resells for six-digit figures, and forever changed the face of hip-hop style, making androgyny and women's clothes a staple among his rapper peers.

Heather Gray Shirts

Cop Kanye and Nori's steez.
Photos: Forever 21/Asos/Zara

If you want in on this heather gray loungewear steelo, you can. Very easily. We found a few faves we're considering adding to our closets ASAP—they're perfect for lounging and non-lounging activities, which, TBH, is the best kind of shirt. If you're inspired, you can take a pic wearing your shirt and Photoshop yourself chilling with Ye and Nori—it's kinda weird but Kanye has been known to 'shop himself into a photo here and there, so he'll prob appreciate it.

+ Essential Heathered Top: Forever 21 ($15)

+ NW3 May T-Shirt: Asos ($55)

+ Viscoe Boat Neck T-Shirt: Zara ($30)

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