Beyonce Is Now Selling Emoji Lyric Tees



Attention Beyhive: Queen Bey has released two new T-shirts in her store for you to cop! The tees feature emoji illustrations for both "Blow" and "Drunk in Love".

The "Blow" tee features cherries on the sleeves, in a nod to the ~adult~ themes that Beyonce references in the bridge. While the T-shirt for "Drunk in Love" has a tiny fully clothed emoji person surfing on the sleeves, cheekily rendering the act of "surfing" into a playful cartoon representation of yet another *achem* adult act.

Whether or not Bey's neutering of these themes via cartoons is willfully intentional or not, it allows fans of every age and stroke to enjoy them without any worry, and is a credit to the complex, sometimes contrarian nature of Beyonce the artist. Like all of us, Mrs. Carter is large and contains multitudes.

At this moment, both shirts are available for pre-sale and are retailing for $40 each. I'd hop on these bey-fore (#sorrynotsorry) they sell out.

And if you can't get enough of emojis (I know we can't here at MTV Style HQ, have you seen our emoji poems?), we're taking this opportunity to resurface superfan Jesse Hill's emoji version of "Drunk In Love." Nice eggplant, dude, ;).

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