Shailene Woodley Arrives Shoeless At ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Premiere

Shailene Woodley at the “Fault in Our Stars” premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

The thing about Shailene Woodley, esteemed flower child and self-confessed clay eater, is that despite her enduring love of five-finger shoes, she really cleans up nicely. She’s consistently among the best dressed on any given red carpet, and last night’s opening of The Fault in Our Stars was no exception.

For the highly anticipated premiere of the even more highly anticipated flick (which is FINALLY HITTING THEATERS THIS FRIDAY, AND YES THAT REQUIRES ALL CAPS BECAUSE !!!), she wore a bright yellow, one-of-a-kind Ralph Lauren Collection peplum dress. The silhouette, a longtime fave of Jennifer Lawrence, Rita Ora, and Michelle Williams, is nothing we haven’t all seen before, but there’s a reason it pops up at pretty much every major red carpet event—it’s wildly flattering, super elegant, and, well, who doesn’t like a little ruffle action now and then?

A barefoot Shailene Woodley arriving at the “Fault in Our Stars” premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

In a thoroughly Shailene move, she arrived for the premiere sans shoes (it’s unclear where the Kurt Geiger stilettos she ended up wearing on the red carpet were, but I’d like to assume she has a high heel handler, mostly because that sounds like a stellar job title). Yeah, ugh, bare feet making direct contact on New York City streets. Worry not, though! Shai’s vitamin intake is solid, and if anyone can walk down the dirtiest sidewalk in America without contracting something, it’s her. Besides, wearing heels can suck.

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