Jennifer Lawrence Wore Four Different Dior Outfits In One Day

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes.
Photos: Getty Images

When Jennifer Lawrence wore a Jason Wu dress to the X-Men: Days of Future Past world premiere, we were all pretty shocked. It was the first time we had seen her wear something other than Christian Dior on the red carpet in a reeeeeeally long time. J-Law must have felt the need to make up for lost time with the French fashion behemoth, because the actress wore four different Dior outfits IN ONE DAY at the Cannes Film Festival this past Saturday.

Managing four wardrobe changes in the span of 24 hours is impressive enough, but Jennifer took it even further by effortlessly making four ensembles from the same designer look wildly different (and all excellent). That, of course, isn't all that unsurprising or unprecedented—we can't decide which one to add to our list of favorites. Is there room for four more?


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