Rita Ora Previews New Pieces From Her Adidas Originals Collaboration

Rita Ora in her Adidas Originals collection.
Photo: Getty Images

We still don’t know when we can ~officially~ get our hands on Rita Ora’s highly anticipated, and presumably highly awesome, Adidas Originals collection, but we do know it’ll be worth the wait whenever it drops. How do we know, you ask? Because at this point, it seems like whenever Rita steps out of the house, she’s wearing a new piece from her line. I feel like this collection is going to be huge. I mean, my list of Rita x Adidas pieces to buy gets longer by the day.

Between the metal-shell toes we’ve been dreaming about for the last six months, tropical-flower-print hoodie, and the floral jumpsuit, I have a lot to add to my closet. And now I have some colorful shoes and a sheer jumpsuit to consider. It’s a lot, but I like it. It keeps my brain active, right?

Rita Ora’s Adidas Originals wedges.
Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, Rita wore a getup that, at first glance, looked like your average Adidas sweatsuit. Upon further inspection, though, the track pants and matching sweatshirt are significantly sheer. So, yeah, you’re not going to want to wear this to the gym (uh, who wants to go to the gym anyway, TBH?). The multi-color sneakers, similarly, are a no-go for the gym. They are wedges that would make running difficult, but are impressively, perfectly color-coordinated with her blue hood.

One thing’s for sure: Like Rita herself, this Adidas Originals collaboration will never let you down. Sorry, I had to. I’m just so excited to see the full collection in full, OK?

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