Katy Perry Unveils Di$count Universe And Todd Thomas Prismatic Tour Outfits

Katy Perry’s Di$count Universe Prismatic tour outfit.
Photo: @katyperry’s Instagram

We’re getting more and more excited for Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour, one outfit at a time. This weekend, Katy unveiled TWO additions to her tour wardrobe: a nude bodysuit by Di$count Universe and a firework-emblazoned ball skirt with pants by Todd Thomas.

The first look hit Katy’s Instagram Saturday, depicting KP decked out in graphics by the same eccentric Aussie brand who outfitted the singer and her friends for Coachella. It has a lot going on: a bow strategically placed on the back, a birthday cake opposite to that on the front, “Happy Birthday” scribbled across the back, balloons, assorted fruit, candles, etc. I’m not a psychic or anything, but if I had to guess, I would say that Katy Perry will wear this when she plays “Birthday.” Also of note, she told news.com.au that she’ll be wearing it “towards the finale” and it’s “super important.” T-minus three days until we find out why!

Katy Perry’s Todd Thomas Prismatic tour outfit.
Photo: @katyperry’s Instagram

The second new outfit is a throwback to her over-the-top, campy Candyfornia steez. It’s designed by Todd Thomas, the man behind KP’s 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show looks as well as many of her iconic holiday performance outfits. Pretty sure she’ll wear this one for “Firework.”

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