10 Splurge-Worthy Prom Dresses For $350 And Up

With prom season in full swing, we've been keeping our eyes peeled for the best dresses out there on the interwebz. Last week we brought you dresses under $150 and between $150 and $350, but today we're breaking out the big guys. We looked around for the 10 dresses we think are worth the splurge. We're talking big bucks here—$350 and up—so we only included ones we are 100% in love with. Check 'em out below!


Prom 2014

Photo: ASOS/Cusp/Bloomingdale's

If you're in the market for a dress that is, as far as prom dresses go, simple and something you may wear again, these three dresses are what you're looking for. The first option, a peachy color, is structured at the top, but flares into a full skirt at the bottom ($348). The second, besides being a gorgeous royal blue, is structured in an unusual way—you're guaranteed to have one of the most unique skirts at prom ($398). The final option is a simple, strapless red dress that you can definitely wear after prom, if you so choose ($425). It might be a little formal, but if I owned that dress I'd wear it to, like, brunch. I'd want everyone to see it constantly.


Prom 2014

Photo: Bloomingdale's/Cusp

Monochromatic minis are popular prom dress options because their formality can be played up or toned down—a win-win (and hard to come by) combination. The first option mixes a monochromatic palette with the popular lace overlay trend, making it classic, yet modern ($448). The second option features more sparkle, with a white sequined bodice and black taffeta skirt ($395). This dress is the perfect combination of formal and playful—you have party on the top, business on the bottom (it's like a mullet, only elegant and something you'd actually want on your body). The final option manages to pull of multiple patterns ($495). It has a hint of sparkle in its polka dots and some embroidery on its scalloped skirt, which means when you're wearing this dress you have practically all your 2014 prom trends covered. It's the perfect option for the indecisive prom goer.


Prom 2014

Photo: Nordstrom/ASOS/Bloomingdale's

Those looking for a more classically formal prom dress have arrived at the right place. While long prom dresses can sometimes look overdone, the lace element in these options makes them romantic and soft. The first dress features multiple lace inserts and a fitted bodice, which bolsters its formality ($428). The second option is perfect for a black-tie party, but provides a pop of plum color ($370). The third option is the lightest of the bunch, with a lace bodice and inserts in the skirt ($555). The dress is sophisticated and combines a fitted top and a flowy skirt, which is a pretty ideal combination, TBH. The final option features lace overlay, but steps it up with—wait for it—embellishments ($395). While the gown comes in black, navy provides an uncommon color choice, which will help you stick out from your fellow prom attendees. Good luck shopping, y'all!

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