10 Prom Dress Picks Between $150 and $350

Yesterday we brought you prom dress options for under $150. Today we bumped the budge higher—up to $350—and found 10 more dresses that are totally perfect for prom. These options are affordable and high-quality—you may even want to wear your dress after prom. Yeah, that's how good they are. Check out all 10 picks below!



Photos: ASOS/Nasty Gal

Based on our research (aka trolling our favorite websites), we can confirm that sheer overlay is a huge trend for Prom 2014. The first dress option is classic and feminine, with black lace on top of a nude bodice ($198). The full skirt is perfect for twirling, which is all that really matters at prom. The second option is one of the few colorful lace options we saw out there, which automatically makes it a contender ($179). The third option is the most expensive on the page ($338), but, I mean, look at it. The strong lines across the front create a harness effect, which toughens the dress up without completely undermining the delicate lace. The final option is a bold choice cause who knows what types of foods and drinks will be spilled at prom, but it's also worth it ($170). It's prom—live on the (sartorial) edge!



Photos: Bloomingdale's/ASOS

While all-over sequins on a full-length dress may be a bit much, they're perfect on shorter lengths. The first option appears to be the comfiest prom dress out there—it's like a very fancy, oversized T-shirt ($235). If you're looking for something a bit more structured, you may like the second dress, which features intricate beading and cap sleeves ($168). It's also on sale, which is pretty fortuitous timing, TBH. The final option is the perfect balance of sequins and non-sequins ($298). With a white and silver combo, you have a lot of shoe and accessory choices, which are almost as important as the dress.



Photos: ASOS

If you're looking for a longer option—we got you. While shorter dresses seem to be growing in popularity each year, after your prom, there aren't that many opportunities to wear floor-length dresses. These three options graze the ground but are flowy enough for you to move in—you don't want to be, like, fully bound by your dress. The first option is modern and monochromatic, a dress you won't get to wear every day ($170). While the second dress is more of a ~typical~ prom dress, its halter top sets it apart from similar silhouettes out there ($160). Our final find is, once again, a dress you're not going to get to wear frequently, which is a quality a lot of ladies want in their prom picks ($160). The bandeau top, color, and gauzy skirt make it a pretty ideal party dress—you might as well wear it to the biggest party of 'em all.

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