Amanda Seyfried Or Miley Cyrus: Who Wore A Gingham Bikini Better?

Amanda Seyfried, Miley Cyrus

Who wore gingham and cowboy boots better?
Photo: W Magazine/Getty Images

While Miley Cyrus has been changing up her Bangerz Tour wardrobe on the regular, her affinity for pairing red gingham and cowboy boots remains. She wore a full gingham jumpsuit on Miley Unplugged, but for the tour, she swapped that for a bejeweled crop top and high-waisted, high-cut briefs. Seemingly taking a page from Miley's country book, Amanda Seyfried's W spread features the actress in a very similar look. The question is, though: Who wore it better?

Amanda's Louis Vuitton bikini is paired with burgundy Lucchese boots. I know this is just a shoot and she's not actually venturing out into the world to do anything, but what could she do in this outfit, TBH? Tread water with difficulty? Ride a horse and risk the worst chafing in the world? It seems like the only option is to lounge glamorously in a fuzzy Michael Kors sweater, especially since she does it so well.

Miley's two-piece appears to provide a bit more coverage (a combination of words I never thought I'd type)—the bottoms sit higher and the top is long-sleeved (with a mock turtleneck!). Miles opts for sequined white cowboy boots, which, as far as matching gingham and boots goes, seems like a safer choice than Amanda's maroon pair. Like Amanda, Miley also adds a fuzzy element via feather shoulder attachments, which, LBR, are a great way to ~spice up~ any outfit.

So, whose gingham bikini and boots look do you like better, Amanda's or Miley's? Let us know in the comments!

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