Katy Perry Is Queen Of The Neon Nile In Nicolas Jebran At The 2014 Brit Awards

Katy Perry performs at the 2014 Brit Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

There are some things about history that you’ll never learn in school. Like, for example, what a modern day rave might have looked like in ancient Egypt. Thankfully, Katy Perry was able to fill in that blank during her performance today at the 2014 Brit Awards. After previewing her Egyptian-themed video for “Dark Horse” last week, Perry had all of Britain bowing down before her when she took the stage as the magical, mystical, totally trippy Queen Katy Patra.

Perry Patra descended upon her (mostly) shirtless subjects aboard a golden chariot, as Egyptian queens do, wearing a high-neck, neon leotard with a coordinating jacket that may or may not have been stolen from the tomb of Isis. (JK, it’s all custom-made by Nicolas Jebran, and I seriously doubt color technology was this advanced back then anyway.)

Katy Perry performs at the 2014 Brit Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

After a quick trip around the stage, Patra shed her winged outwear (which turned out to be a long, sleeveless vest) and danced/walked like an Egyptian (LOL, but seriously) through a flurry of lasers and black lights. A closer look at her neon leotard reveals several things worth noting: 1. that pink, tasseled loincloth, and 2. her bodysuit has cut-outs at the armpits for maximum ventilation. This is a brilliant innovation and should be adopted by designers world-wide. Before summer, please. Kthx!

Also, it must be SO much easier for her to stuff her locks into a wig now that it’s been chopped off into a bob, amirite? Katy Patra wore a jet-black lob (long bob) with beaded strands for her performance, channeling another famous Queen of the Nile (Liz Taylor, obvi), and she finished her look off with fluorescent pink and green strappy heels. Perry’s video for “Dark Horse” drops on February 20th (tomorrow!), so if this performance is any indication of what’s to come, you might want to grab some glowsticks.


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