MTV Style x #shehashadit Take On New York Fashion Week Street Style: Day 5

Yaas! Day 5 of Fashion Week and we, as usual, have Jarvis Derrell of #shehashadit giving us his take on street style. If you need a refresher on earlier looks from this week, peep here. Otherwise, check below to see what ~streetonistas~ were wearing today so you don’t accidentally leave your house in the same outfit.

Susie Bubble at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Whhheeeewwwww Kween!!!! See Kiesha, Day 5 of the closet marathon we like to call Fashion Week on da Streets, is where we start to see our streetonistas getting really creative to serve a look guuurrrrrllll!!! EVERYONE IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!!!! ESPECIALLY in this Arctic Serengeti! Guuurrrlll, I was so stressed over what to wear this morning, the Lordt had to put it on my heart to wear a hand-me-down (vintage) edible candy bra, a turquoise and pink Golden Girl oversized ski jacket with shoulder pads and a floor length mesh skirt with no panties!!! BREEZY!!! The Kweens of my blog will live for it, just like how I’m living for the look this Kween is serving! YASSSSSS!!! I call this look “Frumpy Tiger, Hidden Layers,” or, “Every winterwear purchase ever!” NAILING!!! #obsessed #mulansnotfeaturingthiscoldweather #nope #fierce #alayeradaykeepsobamacareaway #offensive #grateful #heartwarming #obsessedwiththosepants #nothinglikeseveralsensiblepopsofcolor #shebettapaintwithallthecolorsofgoodwill #shoechoice #yaaaasssss #liveyolife #shehashadit

A New York Fashion Week attendee.
Photo: Getty Images

Well YAAAAAAAASSSSSSS, Suzie Q, YAAAAAAASSSSS!!! Live yo lyfe guuurrrrlllll!!!! Nothing like a sensible step, touch, pas de bourree down memory lane on the streets of better looks & regret! I’m OBSESSED!! Serving me my favorite street pose, the “This text has taken its hold on me!,” I call this fierce look “Kimmy Gibbler’s Lavish Adventure Back to the Future Part 1 1/2″ or “Siri, how do you spell ’nostalgic’?” SERRRVVVEEEE!!!! #vintagevintagevintage #ificouldturnbacktime #backintheday #mygrandmausedtowearthissameoutfittoschool #theycalledherthetownjezebel #jezforshort #exposedankles #pennyloafers #scandalous #howimetyourgrandmother #textingforacause #insearchofyourubercar #late #lavish #reignkween

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