Get Drake’s OVO Varsity Jacket For Yourself (Maybe)

Drake debuted the jacket on ’Saturday Night Live.’
Photo: NBC’s Facebook Page

In January, Drake hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. Remember? As the show began, he sauntered onstage with a big grin and proceeded to ace his first monologue. He was wearing charisma, confidence, and a fine lookin’ letter jacket. You may have admired this quality jacket. The craftsmanship. The signature OVO crew details. The way it seemed to give him just a little bit more Drake Power.

Well, good news! You too can get your very own extra Drake Power, as long as you’ve got $458 to drop and maybe a ticket to Toronto. Drake teamed up with Roots Canada to launch his 2014 tour jackets, and they’ll be available starting February 15 at a Toronto Roots location. So far this is the only information available—one might wonder if they’ll be up for sale elsewhere? But considering his 2011 Roots jacket collaboration was a limited edition and sold out quiiiiiickly, this might be a campout situation.

The OVO x Roots jacket in black.
Photo: October’s Very Own’s website

The jackets will be available in black and white as well as green and white and will feature the titles of his albums to date. So if the first thing people read when they see you is “TAKE CARE,” they’ll be like, “Awwwww, that’s nice.”

The OVO x Roots jacket in green.
Photo: October’s Very Own’s website

As a Canadian, I’m going to take this opportunity to express my forever undying love for Roots, who have fueled my at-home sweatpants obsession for over 15 years. They’ve got other great things, too, but they are the rulers of all that is cozy—and this is just a Canadian fact of life. So for them to team up once again with the coziest rapper alive—well, that’s just genius in motion.

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