Miley Cyrus' Performance Outfits And Ariana Grande's Signature Hairstyle Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Miley Cyrus at the 2013 AMA.
Photo: Getty Images

• Miley Cyrus has given us a LOT to look at over the course of the last year. Or perhaps very little, since she's been so pantsless. In honor of her newly announced MTV Unplugged special performance, we took a look back at our favorite Smiley stage looks.

• Ariana Grande is sick and tired of people complaining about her signature hairstyle, so she shaved it all off. JK. It's still the same. But there's a good reason why she regularly rocks her locks the way that she does.

• Katy Perry wore several sexy bras for her new spread in GQ, and not a single one of them looked like cupcakes or sprayed whipped cream. The times they are a-changin', my friends.

• Earlier this week, Selena Gomez decided to break out her bindi for a very stylish trip to the gas station. She looked super happy—probably because she got a sweet deal on a giant soda or whatever.

• Sternum cleavage is having a major moment right now at Beacon Hills High. (For the dudes, at least.) Aiden, Ethan, and Scott ALL wore heathered v-necks on the latest episode of Teen Wolf.

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