Food Friday: Sriracha Swag

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Society6/Cafepress/Trenzshirts/Furbish Studio/Urban Outfitters/Etsy

Since approximately 99% of all people on the planet Earth (rough estimate) like the taste of/are obsessed with/constantly talk about sriracha, we decided to dedicate this week’s Food Friday to the spicy sauce. After a shortage scare in October, you need to express your love. That was a scary time: Don’t let sriracha slip out of your life like that. You can put it on your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and tell your friends how it’s the only hot sauce you use. Now, instead of using words, speak with your sriracha swag.

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Etsy

This shirt spells out your fave sauce so people don’t confuse your enthusiasm for sriracha with any other spicy red sauce. Tabasco? NO. Buffalo sauce? NO. Plus, it’s only $18 and will last you way longer than a few bottles of the stuff.

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Society6

This iPhone case features no words and, instead, relies on the iconic Christmas-y imagery: a green cap atop a red bottle. Don’t shed a tear for the sauce artistically squeezed out of various bottles. It’s just a drawing!

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Trenzshirts

These red leggings not only have the text of the bottle scrawled all over them, but also the famous rooster. Even people who don’t know the word sriracha are familiar with the so-called rooster sauce. Now everyone will be familiar with your rooster leggings.

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Cafepress

Think of how many bottles of your fave sauce you could fit into this tote. THINK!!! Stock up before it’s too late. With no green top and no rooster, this tote boasts a more subtle approach for the sriracha stan.

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Urban Outfitters

You could fill this sriracha bottle with sriracha (#META) or water. I would suggest water, as it is a helpful thing to have on hand when you’re drenching everything that touches your lips with chili sauce, but it’s totally up to you.

Sriracha swag.
Photo: Furbish Studio

Finally, perhaps our fave piece of sriracha swag: earrings! These mini bottles are so QT and will instantly make your ears look spicy. That’s what everyone goes for with their earrings, right? For $16, your taste in accessories and preferred sauce will be the talk of the town. Winning combo.

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