‘The Coveteur’ Tours The Racks Of HBO’s ‘Girls’ With Costume Designer, Jenn Rogien

’Girls’ costume designer, Jenn Rogien, in the show’s wardrobe department.
Photo: The Coveteur

If you’ve ever watched Girls, you’ve probably found yourself excitedly pointing at the television, screaming, “HEY, I HAVE THAT TOP! I THINK.” And then you undoubtedly rewind, pause, and run to your closet to confirm. “OMG. I DO have that top.” *turns to friend, significant other and/or entirety of viewing party* “Told you so.” Not to burst your bubble or anything, but we’d guess a LOT of people have picked up some of the very same pieces that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh wear on the show—because the characters shop at some of the very same places as us IRL folk. “They source the clothes and accessories from vintage shops, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, Beacon’s Closet, Bergdorfs, Salvation Army, Strawberry and, like, everywhere in between,” The Coveteur dishes in a new, behind-the-scenes interview with Girls’ costume designer, Jenn Rogien.

A few memorable pieces from the show.
Photo: The Coveteur

Oh, and if you’re wondering which character you most resemble, Rogien has the definitive answer on each of the girls’ signature style: “Hannah is lovingly disheveled, Marnie is polished, Shoshanna is flirty and feminine, and Jessa is odd and elegant and eclectic.” IDK about you, but from here on out, I will be referring to my weekend loungewear as “lovingly disheveled” as opposed to others’ preferred term, “lazy and mismatched.”

But despite being three seasons in, it’s still not always easy to pick out the perfect pieces for every episode. I mean, it’s hard enough to build your OWN stylish wardrobe, much less a wardrobe for an imaginary character. “All the characters are challenging and rewarding, depending on the episode,” says Rogien. “Sometimes the simplest shopping note will turn into a wild goose chase even though you saw whatever it was you are looking for in every store you were in last week. Some characters don’t have a go-to store so the shopping simply takes more time and is more challenging, but there’s a big pay-off when you find the perfect item for that character for that episode.”

So whose closet does Rogien covet the most on the show? “[Reese’s]—Marnie’s boss at the gallery from season one,” she says. “Or Katherine’s closet—Jessa’s boss when she was babysitting. And I definitely want Jessa’s shoe closet. Based on my closet preferences, I am apparently a ’grown up.'” Check out all the behind-the-scenes pics and read the full interview with Jenn Rogien over on The Coveteur.

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