Our Favorite Magazine Covers Of 2013

Well, with less than two weeks left in 2013 (say what?), we've been rounding up our fave things that happened this year. We awarded selfie superlatives, rounded up Jennifer Lawrence's most fashionable moments, and crowned your choice for 2013's best dressed stars. Now, we turn our attention to our favorite magazine covers of the year, all of which feature celebs having a major #covermoment (literally). Time to review 2013 is running out, so LEGGO!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on the July cover of 'Vogue.'
Photo: Vogue

COVERGIRL Katy Perry landed her first Vogue cover in July and, oh, what a cover it was. With her porcelain skin, rich red lips, and floral Rodarte dress, she reminded us of a modern Snow White. The cover also foreshadowed Katy's 2013 preference for posing in fields, which she did all throughout her Prism promotion. Will she land a coveted second Vogue cover in 2014? We can't wait to see!

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham on the February cover of 'Interview.'
Photo: Interview Magazine

Quick! Who is the person on this cover? No, it's not Twiggy. Yes, it's from 2013. It's Lena Dunham! With her short 'do and smudged eyeliner, the multi-hyphenate Girls star/creator/writer/director/eating cupcakes in the bathtub enthusiast totally nailed Twiggy's mod look on her Interview cover. Girls is on its way back into our lives, so prepare to see a lot more Lena staring back at you as your walk by newsstands this winter. Hey, if we looked that good with short hair we'd want to be on all of the magazine covers, too.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato on the December/January cover of 'NYLON.'
Photo: NYLON Magazine

We rejoiced and exclaimed that Christmas had come early when we were treated to this NYLON cover featuring a blue-haired Demi Lovato. We had been waiting so long for Demi's awesome 'do to get its ample amount of attention, and NYLON delivered. Demi landed a lot of magazine covers this year, but this one is by far our fave. Blue-haired Demi 4eva, please.

George Clooney

George Clooney on the January cover of 'W.'
Photo: W Magazine

Men over the age of, like, 25 don't typically get much attention on MTV Style (we spend most of our energy on the One Direction guys, SO SUE US), but we couldn't let 2013 slip away without acknowledging George Clooney and his customized Yayoi Kusama suit. Technically, it's for January 2014, but it was released this year, and it's too good to overlook. Plus, we haven't seen someone match the wallpaper behind them so well since Zach Braff in Garden State and—dare we say it?—George does it even better.


Solange on the June/July cover of 'Complex.'
Photo: Complex Magazine

Is this the most summery magazine cover of all time? Solange in her signature red-orange lipstick against a bright blue wall is, TBH, just the best, so, thank you Complex. We don't even care that there's no fashion on this cover because, honestly, look at her face! If one picture ever taken of me looked this good, it would be my computer wallpaper, my iPhone background, and my IRL room wallpaper. #ME #YOLO #BEAUTY

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez on the pre-Fall cover of 'iD.'
Photo: iD Magazine

Good news for Selenators: Your doting ruler, Miss Selena Gomez didn't just win our Best Dressed of 2013 poll, she won the magazine game this year with one of our favorite covers of 2013! What we like about this cover Selly did for i-D's pre-fall issue is the balance of heavy and light. It's just really refreshing to see this kind of juxtaposition of the serious black-and-white treatment with Sel's silly (yet miraculously still silly) face.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas on the cover of the May 20th issue of 'New York Magazine.'
Photo: New York Magazine

Ummmm, have you SEEN Behind The Candelabra??? If not, forget everything else you thought you were doing for the next two hours, and devote yourself to that. This cover that Michael Douglas did for New York Magazine was meant to commemorate (and promote) his role as Liberace in the HBO biopic, but it's included on this list not just because we're fans of the movie. HALLOOOO, how good does Mike look in this lilac eyeshadow?? (Answer: RULL good.)

Iggy Azaela

Iggy Azalea on the October cover of 'Paper.'
Photo: Paper Magazine

We're used to seeing Iggy Azalea done up in super-straight high ponytails, painted-on bodysuits and generally looking really sleek and streamlined, so when she went for a more disheveled, glam-grunge for the October cover of Paper magazine, our jaws dropped. From the windswept platinum hair to her perfect DARK red lip, to the fuzzy plaid over metallic animal print, this cover totally influenced how we dressed for fall and winter this year.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne on September cover of 'Vogue Japan.'
Photo: Vogue Japan

Not only was Cara Delevingne Google's most searched "fashion term" of 2013, she was Tumblr's most reblogged person of the year. So, basically, Cara won the internet in 2013. In our opinion, she also won print with this adorable cover for Vogue Japan. It's an updated version of Audrey Hepburn's iconic Breakfast At Tiffany's steez, except with satin Giorgio Armani, a faux-exposed super-low neckline cut almost to her navel, and the sweetest, two-tone top knot the size of a small planet.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus on the Summer cover of 'V.'
Photo: V Magazine

Before the twerking teddy bears and sledgehammer-licking, Miley Cyrus wore mens' underwear and pink hair on the cover of V magazine. By now, we've seen Miles in much much less and assuming slightly more eyebrow-raising poses, but at the time (almost half a year ago), this was preeeeetty darn shocking. Lol. Hindsight, amirite??

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence on the November cover of 'Harper's Bazaar UK.'
Photo: Harper's Bazaar UK

Finally, we have the lovely Jennifer Lawrence. To say she's had a huge year is an understatement. Almost overnight, she's become one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, not just for critically acclaimed serious films but for her role as the lead in a major blockbuster trilogy. And on top of that, she's endearingly down-to-earth, unwaveringly honest, and a champion of body confidence. Her very first time fronting Vogue (for the September issue, no less) was a major #covermoment, no doubt, but thanks to that rich plum lip and luminous skin, we're actually really partial to this cover she did for Harper's Bazaar UK.

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