DIY 'Catching Fire' Makeup: District 12 Mining

Catching Fire Makeup Tutorial: District 12 Mining

Remember those Catching Fire-inspired makeup looks that COVERGIRL rolled out last month? Remember how amazing but sort of over-the-top they were as far as real life wearability? (IDK about you, but mirrored eyebrows don't exactly scream, "everyday staple" to us.) We were pretty sure you felt the same, so we asked which of the Captial Collection looks you'd most want to see translated into something that could still have some legs after Halloween.

Your picks? District 12 Mining, District 4 Fishing, and District 7 Lumber. You can watch the above video to see how COVERGIRL makeup artist Katie Robinson gave my mug a Mining makeover. Then, head on over to for video tutorials of the Fishing and Lumber-inspired makeup looks. Be sure to share your Catching Fire #covermoment with us by using the hashtag on Instagram!

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