Taylor Swift's Nashville Performance Gets #Meta With A Grand Ole Opry Shirt

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performing in Nashville.
Photo: Getty

Do we sense a trend? Last night, Taylor Swift wore a bejeweled Grand Ole Opry t-shirt to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. How meta of ya, Swifty. The shirt is currently on sale in the Opry's gift shop, so maybe Taylor spilled something on one of her striped performance shirts and needed a quick replacement? While a perfectly plausible scenario, it seems unlikely because A) Taylor Swift probably has never stained anything, and B) SHE'S WORN LOCATION-APPROPRIATE SHIRTS BEFORE. It should also be pointed out the shirt for sale is not bedazzled, which means this was a pre-meditated buy. +1 for the theory that Taylor never spills anything.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performing in LA.
Photo: Getty/Kitson/Taylor Swift

Yeah, we're on to you, T. Swift. In LA, she brought out special guests to duet with, including Cher Lloyd, Tegan and Sara, and Ellie Goulding, and for each of those performances, she wore a different shirt celebrating LA. The first, while covering "Want U Back" with Chery Lloyd, was a play on the iconic "I <3 NY" shirt, but instead of NY, it said LA. Hey LA, get your own motto: I think "I <3 Traffic" or "I <3 Beautiful Weather Year-Round" are available. Anyway, the heart was also sparkly because, well, LA is all about ~sparkle~. The second t-shirt, for her performance with Tegan and Sara, was a light blue number from Kitson (#SO #LA), that had "Hello Los Angeles" emblazoned across the front. Her final LA t-shirt was for her performance of "Anything Could Happen" with Ellie Goulding: it was red with "HOLLYWOOD" printed across the front in rhinestones.

So, which does Swifty love more, meta t-shirts or rhinestones? Does she love both equally? She has two more shows at the Grand Ole Opry, so we're eager to see if she makes more nods to Nashville on her clothes. Nashville is, after all, her adopted hometown. We wouldn't be surprised if she pulled out all the stops like, maybe A SHIRT MADE OF ONLY RHINESTONES? IN THE SHAPE OF DOLLY PARTON'S FACE? Free idea. Your move, TayTay.

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