MTV Style x #shehashadit Take On New York Fashion Week Street Style: Day 5

Not much more of New York Fashion Week left! What will life after Fashion Week even be like? How will we survive? What will fill our days? Well, the good news is we don’t have to think about that yet. And—YAAAAS—we’re still in the midst of our collab with #shehashadit and its creator, Jarvis Derrell. Jarvis is breaking down street style snaps from NYFW and guiding all the KWEENS out there to be more EFF FORT LESS. Peep Jarvis’ input while you can; it won’t last 4eva, though we wish it would!

Street style shot of Adi Haeman during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

WHEWWWWW, Yasssssssssssss Kween!!! Now THIS is how you serve a look kids!!! Bold, Brave and Badass!!! Guuurrrlll, this ode to Janis is serving us sanctified modest bohemian jailbird hair on Broadway couture, and I am living for every single bit of it!!!! Guuuurrrlll, but I must issue a DISCLAIMER!!!! – don’t try this at home Kweens!!!!! I once attempted to serve a Zara houndstooth printed gown with a sensible Forever 31 flower blouse, tying it all together with a Gucci knock off belt I bought in Chinatown for $5!!!! Whoops!!! The world just wasn’t ready!!! Friends were lost, weaves were pulled and several of my baby daddies stop calling me!! #damn #everybodyaintable #shehashadit #clash #stash #serve #nonequitybohemianrhasphody #janisjoplin #earthmother #beetlejuice #obsessed

Street style shot of a model after Thom Browne’s show during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

YASSSSSSSSSS GUUUURRRRLLLL YASSSSSSSSSS!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Kween, I am literally living soo much for this Zombie Juggalo Geisha Feroush, that I’m practically speaking in tongues!!!! Seriously, where has she been all my life! Yes yes yes!!!! Not to mention the volume of that hair Hunty, cause you know I love a good tease, ugh!!! Seriously, I wish she would stuff me in her sensible BCBG canvas bag and take me wherever she’s going! WHEREVER!!!! #it #thriller #memiorsofajuggalette #serve #shehashadit #zombielimp #swanhands #grateful #highhairhighmodel #bliss #maybellineforclowns #heavenonthepores #noblending #finishitwithabow #sashayyoustay

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