One Direction Has A Makeup Collection Now Because Duh

One Direction’s Little Things Collection nail polishes come with guitar picks with their FACES on them!
Photo: MUA Cosmetics

You know One Direction, right? Cute, smiley boy band from across the pond? Infectious pop songs? Impeccable hair? If you were anywhere in the 500 yard vicinity of a teenage girl earlier this week, you probably know that they released an adorably hilarious music video for their new single “Best Song Ever.” Welp, we have more news for you and the 1D-obsessed masses: the guys have a full makeup collection collaboration now, replete with nail polishes, lipsticks, lip glosses, and cheek tint.

Pucker up, Zayn! I’m coming for you!
Photo: MUA Cosmetics

Dubbed the “Little Things Collection,” the range of beauty products is a collaboration between the boys and UK-based MUA Cosmetics. If the Office Depot polishes aren’t enough 1D nail lacquer for your life, this MUA collab features sparklier, less neon shades (AND each bottle comes with a guitar pick with either Harry’s, Liam’s, Louis’, Niall’s, and Zayn Malik’s FACE on it. If you’re a lipstick girl, there are five shades in this collection and each tube is printed with a different guy’s signature. And if you’re more into tinted lip balms, there five of those, too: Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry, and Liam loves Blueberry.

What makes you beautiful? Cheek tint! …Wait, what?
Photo: MUA Cosmetics

Rounding out the range is this trio of cheek tints. With names like Coral Cutie, Pink Explosion and Rose Riot, there isn’t a whole lot about these that makes them very 1D-specific aside from having the title of one of their songs, “What Makes You Beautiful” scrawled across the packaging. But it’s exactly that fact that jolts us out of glitter cloud of exciting synergy of cute boys and new makeup. Why? Because it reminds us that in that very track, Liam sings, “Don’t need make-up / To cover up / Being the way that you are is enough.” If you’re all, “Aafgdkl;fjg, guys, quit giving me mixed signals,” our verdict is: wear makeup if you want to wear makeup and don’t if you don’t. They probably can’t really tell the difference anyway. *eye roll* #boys

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