Orly Debuts A Color-Changing Nail Polish!


Orly's Shade Shifter polish, mid-color change.
Photo: Courtesy of Orly

Mood rings might be stashed away with your Lisa Frank trapper keepers from middle school, but now there's a new color-changing product on the market....and this time, nobody has to know when you're feeling angsty. Arriving along with the heat of summer, Orly's rolled out a brand-new nail polish coat that morphs hues as your body temps fluctuate. The beauty company's new Shade Shifter coats might go on dark, but they react with the Orly Gel FX lacquers to become translucent as you get hotter. In other words, your base color becomes revealed when you step outside or move away from the A.C., slowly transitioning from dark to clear (even becoming two-toned and tie dye along the way!). Genius, right?! And, like all gel polishes, they last FOREVER— so you'll have plenty of time to experiment all summer long. Is this the manicure of the future? See how it works in the video below, and let us know if you're willing to give this trend a high five.

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