Taylor Swift's New Perfume and Miley And Rihanna's Suspenders Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor's new fragrance ad.
Photo: @TSwiftfragrance

• Taylor Swift announced her new fragrance, Taylor By Taylor Swift. Unlike her two previous scents, the pop star promises her namesake perfume will reflect more of her own personality.

• Miley Cyrus looked amazing in a pair of Chanel suspenders, and they looked awfully familiar. Why? Because Rihanna had worn them before, of course!

• We're so excited for Miley's return to music, and her video for "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" with Snoop Lion was the perfect appetizer before she drops her single next week!

• Gorgy Demi Lovato always looks beautiful, and we love her demure Nylon Magazine look.

• Adam Lambert went 'Ali Baba Superstar' for the Life Ball! And it was completely and utterly fabulous.

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