Summer Is Here! Check Out Our Warm Weather Style Essentials

MTV Style's Summer Essentials.
Photo: Mango/Topshop/Maurices/Nasty Gal/Topshop

Dressing for spring is hard. You want to break out your short shorts and little dresses, but it's sometimes still chilly and often very rainy (April showers, and all that). Have no fear, though, because summer is here! It's finally, REALLY, shorts weather, and we are SO excited. There are a lot of super solid trends happening this season and tons of options for trying them out. From rompers to vests to jelly sandals to floral dresses, this is going to be one good lookin' warm weather season. Like we did back in the spring, we teamed up with maurices to show you some of our favorite summer trends to give you a little bit of inspiration as the mercury steadily rises in the coming days. So whether easy breezy button downs or super short shorts (or both!) are your fancy, we can pretty much promise that we've got something you're gonna be into.

Did you know that there's a difference between a romper and a playsuit? Although the two are often used interchangeably, there is undoubtedly a difference. Typically, playsuits are short, often sleeveless, and super lightweight. We love them in bright colors or fabrics like denim and silk. As far as footwear is concerned, we're LOVING the jelly trend this summer. It totally brings us back to our playground days in the best way, and with the incredible variety of styles and colors out there you basically can't go wrong. Of course when you think of summer you think of shorts, but it's not all denim cut-offs around here. You can go patterned, you can go sleek and black, and, yeah, we do love a jort (jean + short) every once in awhile. We also love the layering potential of button downs in the summer. When it's too warm for a sweater or a jacket but there's a little bit of a breeze, we love being able to stuff a denim or flannel into our bag for later. Speaking of layering, vests have really come into play a lot this year, with both utility and punk rock denim styles being our faves. They add a little bit of texture to your look without being too hot, which is a trick we love. And finally, the floral dress. We could write an epic love poem to the floral dress, because it's our favorite. Whether in a microfloral or a big, graphic pattern, the fabric brightens up any summer day, and you can really dress them up or down.

What are your style essentials?


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