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Harry Styles Instagram

Harry Styles 'just graduated' in Norway.
Photo: Harry Styles' Instagram

Because we all have to cut corners every now and then...

• Earlier this week, Harry Styles celebrated the Norwegian russefeiring graduation tradition by sporting a blindfold over his baby blues... except that he skipped the actual graduating part. {E! Online}

Google Glass is the wearable computer of the future, y'all! But for those of us who don't have $1,500 in pocket change, here’s what the experience actualllly looks like. {Mashable}

• Pants are superfluous, really. That's why Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) just up and wore undies to brunch.

{The Man Repeller}

Selfridges, the U.K. department store, is introducing the world's first retail drive-thru. Yep, now you can legit go shopping without leaving your car. {Huffington Post}

• Fact: dude with a guitar > dude without a guitar. No really, there's scientific proof behind the “accessory” that automatically makes a fella more attractive. {The Cut}

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