Wait, Beyonce's VIP Concert Ticket Packages Include Designer Dress Rentals?


Beyonce on stage during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr

The more affordable tickets for the North American leg of Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour are long gone, but, and maybe this is a totally off-base suggestion, there are actually a few VIP packages still available. If you're anything like me, you probably COMPLETELY ruled out those tickets, and understandably so. I mean, several hundred bucks is no small price to pay for one night, even if it's with Beyonce. Plus, it's a lot harder to get a group of friends together when everyone is paying sooooo much. It's a situation that seems so out-of-the-question that you probably didn't even open up those VIP package descriptions (even with their fun names like "Upgrade U" and "We Like To Party"). Welp, we did. And what we found was surprising.

We may already have tickets to the Mrs. Carter concert colossus—thanks to an arguably insane level of planning involving multiple hard-wired internet connections and maaaaaybe a TaskRabbit or two—but if you want to join us bodying to throwback Bey jams at Barclays Center (site of the 2013 VMAs! #shamelessplug) or any other cities for that matter, these VIP tix might be your saving grace. (And maybe even, all things considered, a better deal than a lot of options on StubHub? Don't quote us. Math was never our strong suit.)

If you actually check out everything these packages include, specifically the $1095 "Run The World Mastercard 'Priceless'" ones, you'll see that on TOP of "BeyStage" access, backstage lounge food and drinks, a personalized autograph, etc. etc., there is THIS BULLET: "Dress to impress with a designer dress and accessory rental from RenttheRunway.com. Plus, access to a personal styling hotline (A $600 rental value, a $6000 retail value)." YEP. Not only will Bey be swaddled in designer duds on stage, SO WILL YOU. *faints and levitates back into desk chair* The REAL question, though, is whether or not the hotline can help you accessorize with gold pasties.

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