Three Complete Prom Outfits For Under $100

From dream dates to unrealistic movie expectations, there is a LOT of romanticizing when it comes to prom. The real fact of the matter is, though: this thing costs an arm and a leg. Between the tickets, the limo rental, the dinner, the boutonniere, and your outfit, you can find yourself racking up thousands of dollars for just one night. Granted, it is a magical rite of passage, but STILL. You can't help but feel it's a little crazy. If you worked your butt off on your summer job and saved up money to cop your dream prom dress, then more power to you! HOWEVER, if you're primarily interested in prom as an experience and are just trying to keep from breaking the bank (while still maintaining your style integrity, of course), we've got your answer: complete prom outfits for *drumrollll* UNDER $100! Yup. It's possible.

A prom outfit for under $100.
Photo: Forever 21

TOTAL: $85.40

Can we just shine a light on the fact that Forever 21 is a frikkin' BOON??? I mean, where else can you score an ENTIRE prom-ready look—dress, shoes, and bag—for less than 100 bones? Riddle me that. This pastel number is prom-perfect with a mint minidress ($29.80) dripping with tulle, patterned AND sequined pumps ($27.80), and a hard-case, heart-shaped clutch ($27.80) covered in spikes to keep the ensemble from looking overly saccharine.

A prom outfit for under $100.
Photo: Forever 21/ASOS

TOTAL: $87.85

Prom on the cheap doesn't have to be all hearts and cotton candy colors either, though. Trendy girls can still shine on prom night with affordable pieces that pack a punch. We like this navy racerneck dress ($29.80) laden with sequins paired with a silver metallic clutch (33.25) and some super on-trend holographic pumps ($24.80).

A prom outfit for under $100.
Photo: ASOS/Charlotte Russe

TOTAL: $96.97

Believe it or not, there are even high fashion trends you can capitalize on for under 100 bones. Just making it at $96.97, this outfit incorporates one of the hottest style elements of the moment: monochromatic black and white. Try this bold striped dress ($58.19) with a black and white kisslock purse ($13.28). You can either go the full way with black shoes or add a little pop of color with these sueded red heels ($25.50).

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