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Charlotte Ronson CFDA tote

Charlotte Ronson's CFDA tote.
Photo: eBay

We all have subjects that make us rant, and this week, the links are all about causes worth knowing.

• Knock-offs, beware! The CFDA and eBay rounded up 90 big-name designers to create tote bags that insist the honest truth: "You Can't Fake Fashion." {InStyle}

• We forever salute our bra-burning sisters of second-wave yesteryear, but now you can make a feminist statement just by applying lip gloss. Yup, uh HUH, I'll take it. {Refinery 29}

Topshop and PETA team up to create window displays urging you to, please, keep lions and tigers out of your wardrobe. {Racked}

• In more news about the ethical treatment of animals, real fur is being mis-labeled as... fake? Shady business, faux-real. {Fashionista}

• And this Canadian PSA thinks your justification for "social smoking" is a bit, well, flatulent. {Jezebel}

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