Alicia Keys' Reebok Wedges Need To Be On Our Feet Now

Alicia Keys Reebok Sneaker Wedges

Alicia Keys at The Grove in Los Angeles on March 15.
Photo: Courtesy of Reebok

In the land of sneaker wedges, the wedge-happy population (aka Wedgonians) bustles with excitement. Queen Isabel Marant happily rules the roost, while classic sneaker brands hold court with their own wedge variations. But anticipation lingers, for a new resident has joined the mix. Alicia Keys-Beatz has added to her already eye-popping collection of custom-themed classic Reeboks; by deftly adding a hidden wedge heel to the iconic Freestyle, she has created a remix that seems pretty flawless. We want. We want to walk down the street in them, we want to put our feet up on a desk in them, and we want to do jazzercise in them. The wedged-up kicks stay true to the original Freestyle design, featuring double straps, 3 collar puffs and Freestyle heel counters. We're really feeling the red, a throwback to the original one-color pop that brought Freestyles to mainstream ubiquity in the '80s.

The Freestyle is close to A-Keys' heart; in an interview with MTV Style last year, she revealed them as her original sneaker obsession. So it only seems natural that her latest custom-created collection for Reebok would include a new twist on an old favorite. This isn't the first time Reebok has souped up their sole. In the '90s, they introduced a thicker-soled Freestyle "high rise" in response to the popularity of platform shoes. (SHOUT OUT TO SPICE GIRLS) That edition quickly died, but the current wedge is a more seamless, eye-catching design that will surely be comfortable in today's sneaker wedge game. The Reebok Classic X Alicia Keys Spring/Summer 2013 collection can be scooped up on April 1. In the meantime, remember the time Ms. Keys launched her first Reebok Classic collection? Or how's about those reptile and cargo editions, which we're still madly in love with?

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