Riff Raff Talks James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' Style With 'Fuse'

Riff Raff, James Franco

Riff Raff weighs in on James Franco's "Spring Breakers" character style.
Photo: Courtesy of @SelenaGomez's Instagram and Riff Raff's MySpace

When we first saw James Franco in character for Spring Breakers (via Selena Gomez's long-lost Instagram account), truthfully, we thought it was loosely based on Kevin Federline. Leave it to our buddies at Fuse and their direct line to Riff Raff to set us straight: the most notorious From G's To Gents alum claims to be the muse of this Harmony Korine flick's leading dude. As much as we'd wanted a resurrection of Popozao, this revelation was much, much better. Now that the trailer's out and there's a much more concrete release date (Spring Breakers opens March 22 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on March 29), Fuse caught Riff Raff for another quick touchbase. Spoiler alert: it's golden.

"He's gonna probably win a Grammy. Based on... Obviously the style is based on me," Riff Raff says, "When people see the pictures, they think it's me." He perches up on the Fuse couch in a pullover Hornets windbreaker and wavy braids to weigh in on this interpretation of his personal style. Fuse even gets him to talk about what could have been styled differently about Franco's look to more accurately reflect the essence of Riff Raff, "He'd have to do a little more - clean the edge up. A little more, fresher braids, you know what I'm saying? I still gotta get my braids re-done for my show tonight." There's a hilarious bit where he offers up some accessorizing suggestions to take Franco's look to "polar bear[...] arctic, deep sea 11," but ultimately, Riff Raff says, "He's James Franco. He just did that for the movie, so he doesn't have to change nothing. He can be James Franco. I'm gonna be me. Always." See it all for yourself in the clip below!


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