Watch Jared Leto's Red Hot Smize In New Hugo Boss Fragrance Commercial

Jared Leto Hugo Boss Red

Jared Leto in his new Hugo Red commerical.
Photo: Via YouTube

It feels like WAY too long since we last saw 30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto in a commercial. Like, way, way too long. Ever since he became the face of Hugo Boss' male fragrance, we've been anxiously awaiting every campaign featuring Jordan Catalano Jared Leto decked out in a perfectly-tailored suit and coiffed hair. *shivers* Lucky for us, our prayers have been answered. Hugo Boss debuted a commercial for their newest fragrance, Hugo Red, during Berlin Fashion Week, and OMG, we can barely handle it.

The ad begins with Jared speed-walking down a runway in a dark gray suit, tank top (gulp), and black boots, and then he suddenly stops at a wall of red lights. As the lights start to flicker on, Jared looks around confused wondering what's about to happen. (Aww, poor bb.) Finally, all lights turn to red, and a raspy voiceover says, "Red means go." Suddenly, Jared begins to smize toward the lights. His smize is so penetrating, in fact, that he SHATTERS ALL THE LIGHTS WITH HIS GAZE. Shards of glass fly toward him, but, of course, he's too badass to even guard himself from potential harm and just stands there like a boss. Eventually, the entire wall of lights comes crashing down, a puff of smoke appears, Jared speed walks toward the camera without breaking eye contact, and we melt into a puddle of ooze. Well, OK, obvi that last part isn't true, but basically this commercial is insane. The relentless stare-down from Jared himself is enough to put anyone over the edge, and, like, if his gaze can shatter glass, what does that mean for us, guys? Are we going to explode any minute now? Should we be worried? *looks over shoulder* If these are my last words, I just want to say I love y'all so much, and it's been a good ride. Peace. Check out the video below to see all the amazingness in action.


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