Macklemore Is 'Celebrity Sneaker Stalker' Guest Editor For 'Nice Kicks'


Macklemore is the "Celebrity Sneaker Stalker" guest editor for "Nice Kicks."
Photo: Getty Images/Nice Kicks

Macklemore has made it inarguably clear that he. loves. thrift-shopping. He's made appearance after appearance doling out his thrifting tips and tricks for those of less-than-expert status on the Goodwill grind. Slightly less talked about, though, is Macklemore's deep-seated love of sneakers (he might say, to a fault, as he raps on "Wing$"). Well, that's changing now as Mack has assumed the title of guest editor for sneaker blog Nice Kicks's Celebrity Sneaker Stalker (or CSS for short) franchise for the month of January.

For his editorial debut, Macklemore takes his sneaker game to the polls. As part of his guest stint, he's letting readers vote on the kicks he'll wear for this week's installation of CSS, offering up three different Nike options. Mack describes and contextualizes each of his choices and even offers up styling advice. The red pair at the top are the Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Blake Griffin PE in Clippers colors. Macklemore suggests, "They look really good with jeans and the shoe speaks for itself. You don’t have to wear bright colors, just wear some normal blue denim and let the shoe pop." Well said, my dude.

He admits the white pair, the Nike Air Max 90 EM "Infrared," are "[his] favorite Air Max and [his] favorite colorway," explaining that it's "a classic shorts shoe for rocking with the laces untied." Finally, those minimalist black leather kicks are Air Jordan 18.5 kicks. "They remind me of a motorcycle," he says, "so you gotta rock some dark pants with ‘em– leather if you’re stunting like that." Think they're a risky choice to leave up to a readership? He does, too, but Macklemore explains, that's what made him choose them, "I could have picked something that I knew everybody would like, but I’m all about pushing what’s considered cool." Which pair do you think Macklemore should wear?

{via Nice Kicks}


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