Get An Exclusive First Look At The 'Model Files' Christmas Episode Now!

VFiles' holiday card.
Photo: VFiles

Go on and call me Mr. Grinch, but on Christmas eve I’m that flannel jammies-clad gay sloshed off many a holiday “spirit” in the corner, binging on reindeer cookies and sexting losers whilst avoiding any and all holiday cheer. Apols, but I can only deal with so many A Christmas Story marathons before I pass out into the spiked eggnog bowl, which then results in my family perpetually pegging me as “the Christmas ruiner.” :’( Because I am not one to cry at family functions, I try to avoid Charlie Brown’s Christmas at all costs. I did giggle a few times during Elf, though, but a grown man being totally awks in an elf costume can’t compete with the YouTube generation of crazy creatives. Speaking of crazy creatives, the folks at VFILES heard my prayer/tweets and gave us at MTV Style the greatest gift of all...the premiere of MODEL FILES: Holiday Special! I haven’t been this excited since the Spice Girls’ reunion, you guys. Yes, the hilarious hottie host, Preston Chaunsumlit, with his raven locks and deadpan, brutally biting tongue is back, but this time, with elf ears/an adorbs winter green onesie. Annnnd -- XMAS MIRACLE -- he’s revealing his sensi side (see: desperation) by throwing a casting for the VFILES Holiday Card as a disguise to nab an invite to a chic holiday party. Awww Presty! His LOLz model guides: “They have to have the Christmas spirit. I can’t stress that enough. Models that look good in Santa hats. And no Scrooges.” Spoiler alert: the faint-inducing video also involves shirtless male models in Santa hats/thongs and other killer lines from Preston including “Model like the ghost of Christmas past”, “Less camel toe, more mistletoe,” and, my new holiday-friendly pickup line, “Can I come down your chimney?” Watch the video after the jump! Thanks Presty/MODEL FILES! xoxo

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