Gerlan Jeans Tributes Minnie Mouse And Pussy Riot At Spring 2013 Show

Gerlan Jeans, Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse looks from the Gerlan Jeans Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Gerlan Jeans may not currently be a household name, but when your front row is littered with major fashion players like Santigold, Kelly Osbourne, Angela Simmons, and TWO huge celebrity stylists (Katy Perry's Johnny Wujek and Beyonce's Ty Hunter), we don't expect their underground status will remain intact for much longer. PLUS, you know how we've been all, "Yo, what's up with fashion's obsession with Minnie Mouse right now??" Well, Disney ITSELF teamed up with Gerlan Jeans for a 14-piece Minnie Mouse mini-collection which opened the show. We caught Wujek taking snaps of more than a few of the cartoon-inspired ensembles, so perhaps there's a Minnie look in Katy's future (she has worn the designer before, after all)!

Gerlan Jeans

Looks from the Gerlan Jeans Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show.
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From there, the show moved to Gerlan Marcel's Spring 2013 collection which featured nods to pop art, punky messaging, rampant button pins, and a strong, independent sensability to it. There were sporty separates printed with phrases like "Gerl Power" (the name of the collection) emblazoned all over, pink-and-yellow camouflage, and ultra-sheer pantyhose worn as outerwear. Models were outfitted with statement-making Dr. Martens combat boots and outrageously amazing Linda Farrow sunglasses as they strutted down the runway putting the whole bass of the show's playlist in their walks. There was a distinct aura of feminist protest to the show from the looks to the garment names in the run of show - "What Part Of No" backpack, "Thank You For Not Staring" tee, and "Herstory" dress being only a few examples - and if it didn't occur to you already, it made undeniable sense when the models took their final walk. The girls in the last three looks (who were BTW dressed in incredible two-piece, '90s streetwear-inspired gowns) came back out wearing technicolor balaclavas, a clear tribute to the Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot.

Gerlan Jeans, Pussy Riot

The Gerlan Jeans Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show closed with an homage to Pussy Riot.
Photo: Getty Images

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