Olympic-Themed Nail Art That Totally Won Us Over

Listen, typically we're not the biggest sports fans, but when it's comes to the Olympics, all bets are off. It's the one time we tune in to watch scrunchie-sporting gymnasts strut their stuff on the balance beam (or, you know, check out those buff swimmers in their teeny-tiny Speedos. Don't judge!), and this Friday it alllll begins. The Opening Ceremony is only a few days away, so OBVI we need to prep our beauty and fash game the best way we know how—with the dopest Olympic-themed nail art in town! Check out some of the best inspiration we found on the interwebs below.


Olympic Nail Art

Photo: Via The Nailasaurus

Since the Olympics is taking place across the pond, we couldn't help but get into the English spirit with some UK-themed designs like this one. Here, The Nailasaurus sported four flags from Great Britain: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Per usual, her execution is perfection, and we bow down. (FYI— If you'd rather show off your U.S. team pride, check out our American flag-themed sets here!)


Olympic Nail Art

Photo: Via The Crumpet

One of the biggest symbols of the Olympic games is the flame! The torch is carried around the world and ultimately ends up back at the stadium on the day of the Opening Ceremony. Debbie from The Crumpet took the colors from the Olympics logo and transformed them into super cool flames that we loovveeee. HOT.


Olympic Nail Art

Photo: Via Pack A Punch

If you're looking for something a bit more straightforward and simple, we like Samantha from Pack a Punch's Olympic set with a straight-up white base and waves of traditional colors across the top. She even has a video tutorial so you can recreate it yourself in a snap!


Who says you have to pick favorites? Show your support for ALL teams across the world with flags from different countries. We were particularly fond of Jessie's set because she even included the Olympics logo on her thumb to tie it all together. Warning: This looks like it takes MAD skill, so be prepared to be patient!


Olympic Nail Art

Photo: Via Flickr

London is the coolest city, so of course we wanted some killer nail art to reflect that. We couldn't stop staring at this set once we laid our eyes on it—the detail in the Big Ben clock ALONE is enough to make our brains explode. I meannnn, f'real y'all. Let's all give this mani a much-needed moment of silence.


Olympic Nail Art

Photo: Via Pinterest

We like to pretend the Olympics isn't about winning and that it's about sportsmanship and athleticism and blah, blah, blah. But really, we're here to see who takes home the gold! We love this set inspired by all the different awards, but also, we just really, really like shiny things. *eye twinkle*

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