Jeremy Scott To Design 2NE1's First World Tour Costumes!

2NE1 Jeremy Scott

2NE1 in Jeremy Scott on June 23.
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The second we hear that K-pop cuties 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott are working together on ANYTHING, we legitimately lose our shiz. Currently we're hardcore spazzing over Jeremy Scott's recent tweet, which revealed that he's designing 2NE1's upcoming tour costumes. And, like, excuse us if we're late to this party, but ASKJDALKSJD. He said, "YES ITS TRUE, ILL BE DESIGNING THE COSTUMES FOR 2NE1 FOR THEIR 1st WORLD TOUR !" 2NE1's New Evolution tour kicks off July 28th in the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in South Korea (NBD), and then they will continue to travel the world for the first time ever (!!!) singing hits like "Ugly" and "I Am The Best" in only the most ferosh ensembles, obvs.

The last time we caught up with 2NE1, they admitted Jeremy Scott was "a good friend" and Jeremy said they were his "muses." Awwww, music and fashion love. :') So cute! Jeremy hasn't revealed any deets yet on what the ensembles will actually look like, but this ain't his first time around the tour costumes block. He also outfitted Nicki Minaj in her custom graffiti ensembles, which we LOVE, and considering he's already collabed with 2NE1 on their adidas x Jeremy Scott sneakers, this should be a total cakewalk, right? Jeremy told us, "I think that 2NE1’s style and their music go hand in hand. I think that they’re really speaking to a whole new generation and mixing up all different things... Not only culture and languages and musical genres, but style genres and I think that’s one of the things that’s made them so popular." We can't WAIT to see what kind of outfits Mr. Scott is designing for them, but in the meantime, check out our previous interviews with them below! *SQUEE*


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