Lady Gaga Wears A Lot Of Versace On 'Born This Way Ball' Tour

Lady Gaga wears Versace on stage and while travelling for her Born This Way Ball Tour.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Versace's Facebook

If it was even up for discussion, let us now make it unimpeachably clear that Lady Gaga's love affair with Versace is no fleeting fling. From that gold, leather, and netted custom Grammy outfit to her self-proclaimed obsession with the brand and her vow to wear only vintage Versace for two months, it should be quite obvious that Gagaloo genuinely appreciates the legendary fashion house in all its studded, sexy glory. As she embarks on the first stops of her Born This Way Ball tour, her infatuation is a flag she waves proudly, wearing Donatella design after design after design both on and off the stage.

While some of us might consider air travel a time to dress comfortably and wear shoes that are sensible enough for gate shuffling and easy to get on and off, Mother Monster holds nothing back sartorially. Gaga strutted around Seoul's Gimpo Airport in a white Atelier Versace gown cut to there, accessorized with sheer white gloves and a pearl-encrusted mask. Along with her arsenal of Giorgio Armani ensembles, she owns the stage in custom Versace stud-laden leather. On the Tokyo leg of her tour, Gaga was spotted in ANOTHER Versace outfit. This time she was rocking RTW Fall/Winter 2012 in Narita International Airport. She pairs the badass trench with tights, sky-high platform heels, and a twisty rainbow-hued ponytail.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga lounges after her last Born This Way Ball Tour show in Hong Kong.
Photo: Courtesy of @LadyGaga's Twitter

Versace tweeted that all twelve of Gaga's dancers have ALSO been outfitted in the brand, but the love doesn't stop there! Even in the privacy of her personal quarters, Lady Gaga can be found swaddled in the finest medallion-drenched Donatella duds. After her last show in Hong Kong, Gaga tweeted a pic of herself cuddled up in a sea of pillows and linens emblazoned with what looks like the brand's signature medallion motif. She signs the tweet "Thanks Donatella X," which helps to confirm our suspicions that it's Versace bedding Mother Monster is swimming in, but perhaps we'll have to wait until the Haus of Gaga finally reveals those photos of all the Born This Way Ball Versace tour goods to know for sure!

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