Kanye West Hates On Fashion Faux Pas Via Twitter

Judging Kanye judges your cargo shorts and striped scarf.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of VPCAM/Sockstores

It's a rare but always delightful treat when Kanye West takes to Twitter for one of his signature streams of consciousness. We aaaaall remember the several-hour-long Internet soliloquy that ended in the reveal of DONDA, Kanye's design company/think tank, right? Well, Yeezy's latest Twitter spiel is inspired by a weekend drive through the city and the slew of fashion faux pas he was so pained to witness from his whip.

While there are definitely a few general call-outs like "khaki cargo shorts" and "big a** striped scarves," our favorites from this particular rant are the super specific examples Ye cites from his weekend joyride.

Kanye describes entire outfits he finds offensive on this Saturday drive. Most of what Yeezy hates appears to be workwear made "weekend casual" with the substitution of one article: button up shirts with hoodies," "hoodies with sport coats," "sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes." The buck doesn't stop at garish garments, though, as Yeezy also lays down the gavel on grooming don't: "long a** sideburns with the line up RnB beard." Do you agree with Kanye's list of fashion faux pas?

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