Awesome Prom Accessories

Whew, prom is almost HERE. We're sure you've got your checklist in order and have dutifully crossed dress, hairstyle, and tricked-out DIY nail art off your exhaustive list. What's left? ACCESSORIES. This is arguably the hardest part of the prom equation. (Clutch or crossbody purse? Headband or bow clip? Statement necklace or simple pendant? And what about rings, bracelets, and the corsage????) *deep breaths* Whether you're going for an edgy, glammed-up, or total fairy tale look, we've got your accessory game covered.


Clockwise from left: ASOS Skull & Spike Necklace, Tarina Tarantino Skull earrings, Topshop Spike Headband and Metallic Clutch, The Misfits lapel pin, ASOS Triple Spike Ring and Rubber Bracelet.
Photo: ASOS; Endless; Topshop; Amazon

Not only is pink-punk edgy and feminine, it has no rules. It's all about throwing together a motley crew of spikes, skull, grommets, studs, and whatever your rock and roll heart desires. Just make sure to turn the music UP when you're getting ready and don't be afraid to share these accessories with a frothy retro dress and beat up Converse. We'd start with an ASOS Skull & Dipped Spike Collar Necklace which goes with just about anything bare-necked or strapless. Pair it with some Tarina Tarantino Ivorette Lucite Skull Drop Earrings which are just sparkly enough without going overboard. To lighten the mood, we'd add a Suede Effect Spike Headband and throw jars of eye glitter, dark crimson lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and our best punk tunes (for hijacking the DJ booth) in this Topshop Metallic Asymmetric Clutch which can also be worn cross-body style. Instead of a corsage, pay tribute to The Misfits with this mini Misfits Ghost Lapel Pin affixed to the bodice of your dress. Stack some bracelets such as this ASOS Rubber Spike Bracelet (which won't hurt people when you hurl yourself around the dance floor), and don't forget to tip your sparkly black mani out in an ASOS Triple Spike Ring. #RAWK! Need more ideas? Right this way!


Bando Pop Flower, Ada Zanditon Cuff, and Forever 21 Beaded Leopard Clutch.
Photo: Bando; Ada Zanditon for ASOS; Forever 21

We love a sparkly black dress for prom. Many of us love to go dark and dramatic for the big night choosing to spice up our ensemble with accessories. Start with a Bando Pop Flower, which is a silk organza wonder accessory that works as either a corsage or hair clip. Add mayjah architectural drama with an Ada Zanditon Cuff. We guarantee everyone will want a closer look at this copper, wood, and enamel masterpiece. Finally, streamline your look while mix and matching patterns and textures with this Forever 21 Beaded Leopard Clutch. Add a sweep of cat-lined eyes, bright lipstick, and you're good to go!


Clockwise from left: Topshop Pony Necklace, ASOS Patent Color Watch and Book Clutch, Oasis Swallow Earrings, Forever 21 Flower Ring, Topshop Bow Clip.
Photo: Topshop; ASOS; Forever 21

If girly fairy tale romance is more your scene, take the look LITERALLY and incorporate a Topshop Pony Necklace which is a must for every fairy tale heroine. Keep Cinderella time with an ASOS Patent Color Watch, and look like you leapt out of a classic with this sweet ASOS Book Clutch. Since Snow White and Sleeping Beauty always seem to have birds flying around their heads, we'd add a pair of Oasis Swallow Drop Earrings and a Forever 21 Shining Flower Ring because where there are birds there are flowers. Rounding out the look should be some sort of updo (classic chignon?) or windswept mane accentuated with a Topshop Oversized Bow Clip. Flirty, feminine, and fun, be sure to hold onto your glass slippers when the prom clock strikes 12!

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