Katy Perry Ditches Goth Makeup For 'Wide Awake' Single Cover Art

Katy Perry Wide Awake

Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' single cover art.
Photo: Via @KatyPerry's Twitter

First off, HAPPY WORLD GOTH DAY! *throws ashes into air like confetti* We thought it was only appropriate to celebrate since Katy Perry has been seriously rockin' the goth look as of late. But just last night she released the album art for her "Wide Awake" single via Twitter, and she looked surprisingly more fresh-faced than usual. She ditched her dark, blood-red lipstick and heavy eye makeup for a brighter, livelier look. I mean, she even has BUTTERFLIES in her hair. GASP. How dare she promote living, breathing, wildly colorful things on World Goth Day? *hangs head in shame, hugs a tombstone*

She also sported larger-than-life lashes (on both the bottom AND lower lids) with just a touch of eyeshadow below her typically on-point brows. She finished her look with a swipe of bright pink on her cheeks and a touch of light pink gloss on her lips. She still showed off her bright purple hair in all its lovely glory, and considering the single IS called "Wide Awake," we'll let her non-gothiness slide just this one time. The single will appear in her upcoming film Katy Perry: Part of Me (you know, the trailer with nearly 50 outfit changes in it), which hits theaters July 5. Oh my goth, we can't WAIT to see all the ensembles she will wear!

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