Trend To Try: Tex Mex Accessories

Out of all of the spring/summer 2012 trends, Tex Mex and Southwest looks are my favorite. I'm from the land of cacti and tacos, so dressing the part has always been a cinch. BUT, I must forewarn you, going head-to-toe with draped Pendleton scarves layered over multiple turquoise necklaces atop mix n' match Aztec-printed separates may not be for everyone. I like juxtaposing a few borderland and Day-of-the-Dead-inspired accessories with everyday basics to give my overall look a hint o' festive flavor. Throw in some Frida Kahlo and a smattering of saddle blanket adornment for total caliente chica cool. Check it!


Clockwise from left: ASOS Tex Mex Backpack, Topshop Stitched Stetson, Hot Sox Frida Kahlo socks, ASOS Tassel Chandelier Earrings, ASOS MIAMI Aztec shoes.
Photo: ASOS; Topshop; Footwear Etc.

If you've seen a Frida Kahlo painting, you know it's all about COLOR. I'm talking electric blue, hibiscus pink, baked yellow, and bright orange; sometimes all mixed together in a serape palette that is as vibrant as it is energetic. This is the type of spirit I want you to imagine when infusing a South of the Border feel into your wardrobe. A perfect start—other than ceasing all brow-taming—would be an ASOS Oversized Tex Mex Skull Backpack which nods at Mexico's most famous holiday, Dia de los Muertos, while also tossing pink and yellow pom poms and multicolored skulls (who are smiling, I might add) all over your person. Topshop's Stitched Stetson Hat with delicate turquoise-y beads would work with a maxi dress and sandals or with a white t-shirt, faded jeans, and Hot Sox Frida Kahlo socks (#AWESOME). If you're truly going for it, though, I'd throw in a pair of ASOS Skull and Fabric Tassel Chandelier Earrings with everything I've mentioned thus far, and tip your toesies out in some ASOS MIAMI Lace Up Shoes With Aztec Print. These shoes alone work magic. Need more inspiration, preferable of the dusty desert variety? Right this way!


Clockwise from left: Shelter Canyon Road bucket bag, A Peace Treaty Origami scarf, Day of the Dead earrings, and Thunderrock Seed-Bead Bracelet.
Photo: Need Supply; Urban Outfitters

This Shelter Canyon Road Stripe bucket bag is a classic shape and pattern that hints at the Southwest trend without being overpowering. I guarantee you it will NEVER go out of style. Wear it with neutral sundresses and skinnies with flowy tanks, and store A Peace Treaty's Origami scarf inside if you're worried about chilly desert nights. Made of lightweight hand-printed silk, it doesn't scream Santa Fe but is just tribal-printed enough to work well with the trend. A pair of Urban Outfitters Day of the Dead Skull Earrings work with anything and double as a Halloween accessory next fall. (Functional and cost-effective!) Thunderrock's Seed-Bead Cuff Bracelet is total Santa Fe chic with a turquoise-imbued motif. Wear this with a loose button-down, cut off denim shorts, a messy braid, and a gentle sprinkling of dust upon your person for authenticity.

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