Nicki Minaj Sports Wedges Made Entirely Of Teddy Bears At Kids' Choice Awards

Nicki Minaj Teddy Bear Wedges

Nicki Minaj at the Kids' Choice Awards in L.A. on March 31.
Photo: Getty Images

It's clear that Nicki Minaj is still very much in the Tokyo spirit after her trip to the fash-forward city last month. She channeled the popcorn dress from her recent overseas visit at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards this weekend by sporting another theater-themed frock paired with—get this—shoes made ENTIRELY of teddy bears! Barbs wore a pastel paneled latex dress featuring a movie ticket stub bustier and sculpted dome skirt with bubbles of theater paraphernalia dotted across her dress. If you can tear your eyes away from her out-of-this-world ensemble, you'll notice her accessory game is UN. REAL. Namely, those shoes. An up close look reveals that Nicki is sporting sky-high wedges covered entirely in light pink and blue teddy bears! A touch of pink chains are draped across the shoes for an added touch of glam, and we officially cannot stop staring at her stompers. The girl behind the custom shoe creation in none other than Onch from Onch Movement accessories!

Onch tweeted that she "loved making @NickiMinaj bear wedges" and added that they are "beary cute!" I'll say! Nicki Minaj is often spotted sporting Onch's fun accessories (how could anyone forget that chicken wing necklace? We certainly can't!), but don't these shoes remind you of something a wee bit familiar? No, you're not going crazy, Nicki has also worn a dress made entirely of stuffed animals, so this isn't her first time around the whole wearing-non-clothing-as-clothing block. We kiiinddaaa wish she wore THESE shoes with that last dress because, um, hai, she'd look like the cuddliest person on that planet. But we will say one thing—Nicki never fails to surprise us, and we're totally game for whatever fearless accessories she throws our way. What's next, shoes made entirely of My Little Ponies? We can only dream!

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