Tavi Gevinson To Sing Neil Young At Fashion Week

tavi neil young fashion week cadaver

Tavi Gevinson in New York and a still from the animated movie "Cadaver" in which she plays the character of Lynn.
Photo: Getty Images; courtesy of Jonah Ansell and "Cadaver"

Earlier this week, we reported that fashion blogger and Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson is starring in the new animated short film Cadaver. She plays a medical student who helps a cadaver find a way to mend his wounded heart, and aside from narrating the entire film—which is written like a lyrical poem—Gevinson also performs a spare, haunting version of legendary musician Neil Young's seminal song "Heart of Gold" at the very end. It's a ginormous deal because A) it's Tavi SINGING, and B) Neil Young rarely gives any musician the rights to play this song but gave his personal permission to the high school media wunderkind. Also? Tavi G is going to perform the song LIVE during New York Fashion Week.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Miss Gevinson will perform "Heart of Gold" at 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 12 at a party in New York, and Cadaver will screen in its entirety following her performance. No word yet on whether she'll also play acoustic guitar, but OMG, this is HUGE. As you know, we're huge TG fans. Aside from confirming that, yes, we want to be her BFF when we interviewed her eons ago, and per the success of Rookie, which we think is a fantastic site for teens, we think it's pretty cool that a high school sophomore continues to pursue so many creative outlets and encourages others to do the same. We were lucky enough to see Cadaver and truly enjoyed the whimsical animation and Tavi's turn as a shaky med student, but we were blown away by the tenderness she exhibited in her performance of Young's song. You can hear a snippet of it Hollywood Reporter}

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