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Lana Del Rey Rocks A Gold Tooth! Is She Taking A Style Cue From Ke$ha?

Lana Del Rey Gold Tooth

Lana Del Rey sporting a gold tooth on Jan. 23 in London.
Photo: Splash News

Lana Del Rey has been calling herself the "gangster Nancy Sinatra" for as long as we can remember, but with her long, luscious locks and A+ beauty game, we had a hard time finding the "gangster" part of her '60s sex kitten look. That is, until she was spotted in London earlier this week sporting *GASP* A GOLD TOOTH. We didn't believe it at first, but we zoomed in RULL close to verify that, yes, she is wearing a gold cap on her canine. Call us crazy, but we kind of love it! The two-finger ring and giant hoop earring gag is cute, but we're so glad to see her stepping up her "gangster" side with a 14K tooth. If you've always been wondering where to get tooth jewelry (Lord knows we have), there's actually tons of websites (like this one!) where you can purchase gold caps for ANY part of your mouth. We like that the cap slides on and off so you don't have to make a full commitment, but can still rock this look whenever you're feeling really badass. But, is it just us or have we TOTALLY seen this before on another fair-haired lady musician?

Lana Del Rey Gold Tooth

Ke$ha shows off her gold tooth on Sept. 16, 2010, in Hollywood.
Photo: Getty Images

A-ha! It's Ke$ha! We knew we weren't having déjà vu—Lana and K-Money are both wearing a gold tooth in the EXACT same spot. Does this mean Lana looks to Ke$ha as a style icon or is this purely a coinkidink? Well, unless Lana starts sporting a shark on her face or bright blue lipstick, this will forever remain a mystery. But we have to know—do you like Lana's gold tooth look?

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