The Best Celeb Couple Style Of 2011

This isn't to say that the well-dressed men and women of the world are a dime a dozen, but when TWO sartorially savvy individuals come together in one supernova of couple FASHUN, it's hard not to sit up and take notice. Fine, celebs have other humans who concoct outfits for them and lend them all the runways' latest swag, and that makes the likelihood that we drool over their vestments that much greater. But duo looks that are both coordinated and NOT disgustingly matchy-poo? Well, that's a fashion unicorn, no matter your tax bracket. It's rare when two stars step out in a pair of looks that strike such a harmonious aesthetic chord as the following couple outfits that we've deemed the Best of 2011, so in their honor, we're glorifying the ish out of 'em. Enjoy!


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the 2011 American Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

We've been all over these Lovebirds Of The Year (a title awarded just now by me, the sole judge), Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, for their adorable couple style from Day 1. But when Selieber hit the red carpet for this year's American Music Awards and turned it waaaaay out in these Gatsby-esque Old Hollywood ensembles, we just about lost it. From the pewter silk to the '20s evocative fringe, the tailored velvet to that SIDE PART, our eyes lit up like so many color-changing Lisa Frank hearts. The retro styling on pop music's latest teen king and queen created a red carpet step-and-repeat juxtaposition so refreshing that we can't imagine forgetting it next year either.


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone hold hands walking around the East Village.
Photo: Getty Images

The matchup of The Amazing Spider-Man costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone might be one of the most disgustingly darling pairings we could ever dream up (big ups to the Spider-Man casting director *head nod*). What makes this work so well, from a fashion standpoint, is their gender-specific interpretations of a similar idea: a delicate straddle between classic and fashion-forward. And the best part? They even look good IN THE WILD (i.e., sans stylist). We're obsessed with the side-by-side of Andrew in these autumnal layers (henley + tailored shirt + button-up hoodie + leather-sleeved varsity jacket + burgundy cords + mahogany shoes) and Emma in her cozy hidden placket camel coat with light tortoise shell sunnies and equestrian riding boots. *hearts*


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, on their wedding day.
Photo: Getty Images

The world went absolutely BONKERS over the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton (now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) to British golden boy, Prince William, this year, so it's only fitting that their nuptial threads be included in this roundup. While Princess Di's baby boy was definitely dapper in the traditional scarlet ceremonial garb of the crown, it was his blushing bride's dress that was the fash star of the ceremony. Kate was a royal vision in this Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen gown. A lace overlay bodice with sleeves kept the dress conservative without being totally staid, and the gown's voluminous belle-of-the-ball skirt was fit for a queen.


David Beckham and Victoria Beckham arrive to attend the Royal Wedding.
Photo: Getty Images

His and her Brit-fash rulers, David and Victoria Beckham, were guests at Will and Kate's Royal Wedding, and as expected, the couple was every bit the prim and poised duo we expect them to be. David with a top hat (held in the right hand, so as not to muss up the pristine 'do) and coattails (hey there, man-LOUBOUS #swag) and Vic looking as posh as ever (*ba dum TSH*) in a navy bateau neck dress with the slightest high-low hem were the epitome of perfectly pressed party guests (say that three times fast). Also, we applaud the pair for donning two of the more *achem* subtle Royal Wedding chapeaus.


Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Despite their somewhat divergent degrees of formality in attire, Wiz Khalifa and his boo Amber Rose were the definition of couple-matching done right. The duo worked the 2011 MTV VMA red carpet in a white and gold motif. Wiz wore khaki-colored denim with a Steelers 50 cap and a loose contrast graphic tank, and doused himself in gold from his chains to his watch, from his belt all the way down to his itsy bitsy bracelets. Amber kept things simple with a crisp white tailored romper and a gold filigree cuff.


Max Irons and Emily Browning at the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Met Gala.
Photo: Getty Images

Max Irons and Emily Browning may be relatively unknown (compared to Selieber anyway), but they consistently exhibit the style savvy of a pair of old pros. This impossibly gorgeous couple churns out covetable duo looks like it ain't no thang. We've already identified Emily as a rising style star with her porcelain beauty game and effortless vascillation between prim and punky, but it's the addition of doting boyf Irons that really knocks this couple steez out of the park. Max's lean physique and chiseled features grant him the ability to look good in just about anything, but the dude doesn't rest on his laurels. He turns it out (take, for instance, this skinny satin-lapeled jacket at this year's Met Gala *swoon*) while Emily wore a bordeaux Marc Jacobs cap-sleeved lace dress from the designer's fall collection.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry and Russell Brand make for one of the most lovably quirky couples of late, which makes them work so well stylistically. Brand may opt for the adventurous curly, long-haired, guyliner'd look from time to time, but here next to Katy, he's clearly the anchor to her zany personal style. The good dude that he is, Russ assumed the role of complementary hubby on the 2011 Grammys red carpet, letting Katy shine in her winged Giorgio Armani ensemble with a cool gray sateen-finish suit sans tie. The simple outfit struck the right balance to Katy's bejeweled bust and tiers of iridescent organza.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the U.K. premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1."
Photo: Getty Images

The Twilight casting masterminds struck gold when they chose Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as their leading man and lady. Little did they know, the two would blossom into one of the celeb world's most enviously chic couples in the history of eyes. Rob, every bit the English gentleman, is notorious for taking to the red carpet in the nattiest suits, sometimes in the most delightfully unexpected hues. While K. Stew's personal style is a little more laid-back, she ditched the checkered Keds and hoodies in favor of this ornately detailed black gown for the U.K. premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Swaddled in dark hues, the couple manages to emit mysterious and edgy vibes without looking totally goth.


Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the 2011 U.S. Open.
Photo: Getty Images

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, as a relationship, have made 2011 a landmark year. At this year's VMAs, Bey announced her pregnancy with an epic baby bump reveal that broke the internet. Anticipation for little Baby Jay'once has kept the world buzzing since the news broke, and the little one is expected to make its way into the world later this month! (SQUEEEEE!) The pregnancy has, in a way, humanized the pair of megastars in the eyes of many, and in honor of their true down-to-earth spirit, we're lauding their on-point off-duty style. What other duo could look this fly attending an outdoor sporting event? Jay dons opaque black shades with his hidden placket button-up, sporting epaulettes, a varsity seal applique, and nary a wrinkle in sight. Bey sets a felt bowler atop cascading two-tone waves, paired with a simple white tee and statement jewelry. We fawn over them in delight. Adopt us!


Ryan Gosling and his dog, George, visit "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."
Photo: Getty Images

All right, listen. This is in no way meant to insinuate that Ryan Gosling is dating his adorable pet dog, George (they're just pals, don't be gross). And we're unfortunately well-aware the dude is actually dating Eva Mendes. But we're tortured enough by stumbling upon pictures of the IRL couple, which we print out and burn ceremoniously then immediately close out of our browsers. Thus, we just couldn't include an image of the duo looking gliterringly fashionable in our roundup. It'd hurt too much. Instead, we offer this snap of Ryan and George visiting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon mid-July. Ryan wears a dressed up casual look with a smart blazer, trademark slim-fitted pants, smoking slippers (a hot 2011 shoe trend, plus extra points for going sock-free), and a punchy graphic tee. George tries his hand (rather, paw) at sartorial experimentation with one red athletic sock. AWWWwWwwwww!!


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