The Alex & Chloe For Forever 21 Jewelry Collection Is Available To Purchase Online; Related: We Want It All

Alex and Chloe Forever 21

The Alex & Chloe for Forever 21 collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21

We've been THE hugest supporters of Alex & Chloe ever since we feel in love with their killer laser cut mirrored drippy Chanel necklaces wayyy back when (which, sadly, are no longer on sale), so we could NOT have been more excited when we heard they would be collaborating with Forever 21! You guys know what this means, right? It's going to be affordable, and WE CAN BUY ERR'THANG. The collection hits stores and online this weekend, and between the layered cross chain necklace and rhinestone geometric bangles, we seriously can't decide what to buy first.

If you want to add a touch of drama to any ensemble, go for the triangular rhinestone earrings paired with the matching over-sized stretchy cuff for the ultimate badass '80s rocker chick vibe. The triangular spiked necklace we could see ourselves wearing with jusssttt about anything—especially under the collar of a buttoned-up blouse. For a darker, gothier Madonna "Like A Virgin" look, DEFINITELY grab the layered triple cross chain necklace and pair it with the rhinestone cross earrings. For a final touch of glam, stack on some hexagonal bangles and call it day! The coolest part about this collection, though, is not a SINGLE item costs more than $15.80. Yes, you read that right, and no, you don't need to tell us how amazing we are for sharing this goodness with you. Well, maybe a little compliment wouldn't hurt anyone.

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