Celebrate Taylor Swift's Birthday In A Tay-Inspired Look!

Get Taylor Swift's strapless red dress look.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Macy's

To say the least, it's a pretty good time to be Taylor Swift, from snagging a slew of top honors (Billboard's Woman of the Year, the American Music Awards' Artist of the Year, and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra's Harmony Award just to name a FEW) to the launch of her first fragrance, Wonderstruck, to dueting with just about every hot pop star of the moment. And out of the spotlight, the life and times of T.Swift are just as prolific, with the recent acquisition of her adorbz cat, Meredith (which may or may not have also directly spurned our own cat-obsession at the MTV offices) to rumors of a new leading man, to opting into one of our favorite hair makeovers of the year. And now, today is TAY's DAY! The flaxen-hair songbird turns 22 today, and in honor of her personal holiday, we have a very special T.Swift-inspired "Get The Look." Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

The Porcelain dress Taylor rocked at the 2011 CMT Artists of the Year event is the perfect flirty party frock. With a strapless neckline and exaggerated bodice boning to balance the gathered full skirt, the cocktail dress gracefully toes the line between edgy and feminine. The bold red hue prevents the classic silhouette from looking staid and gives Tay a little room for adventurous beauty choices like a bright red lip and retro pin curls. We found an affordable near-identical alternative to Tay's look from GUESS by way of Macy's. The best part? It's also ON SALE for under a hundred bucks. Run run run, Stylettes!

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