Lady Gaga Is Totally Having An Eyewear Moment

Lady Gaga on Nov. 13 and 15, 2011, in London, England.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Sent into a head-scratching tailspin of confusion by whatever has been happening on her lower half lately, we almost, ALMOST neglected to give due attention to the very evident eyewear MOMENT Lady Gaga is having these days. Decorative nonprescription glasses have been around for a while, but most often, we see ones of the standard, ironic hipster birth-control variety. Always one to keep us on our toes, Gaga puts her distinctly personal twist on the trend, starting with this deliciously ornate pair of Moo Piyasombatkul spectacles. Paired with a tailored cream blouse and double-breasted jacket combo with a black satin necktie (nevermind the fishnets-and-no-pants situation of the same outfit), Mother Monster's look is what I would call a William Butler Yeats (sidenote: LIT NERD ALERT!) meets Colonel Sanders high-fashion collision. As is expected from Gaga, she doesn't stop there. She's been wearing a different piece of eyewear every day (sometimes TWO a day) for the past week, and we've rounded up our faves.

Just because she's into glasses at the moment, doesn't mean she's going to just rock any kooky old frames that cross her path. Gaga has taken the time to find some truly gorgeous spectacle specimens, and we are in LOVE. (Disclaimer: corny, tenuous segue coming!) That's probably how Mother Monster felt when she spied these red heart-shaped lenses. (*knee slap*) A quick Google search of "heart glasses" or some other phrase of the like will teach you that frames like THESE are quite rare. Sure, other specs with heart-shaped lenses exist, but few are straight across the face or set in such exquisite metal frames. And the pair to the far right are almost too deliciously unique to handle. If I had a dime for every time I saw single-panel, left-to-right blue ombre, hexagonal shades, well...I'd have 10 cents because WTF? These are bananalation station. Dead and reborn only to die again!!

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