Meet Jonny Makeup: Musician, Socialite, Jeremy Scott Bestie, And Clothing Buyer

Jonny Makeup at the Jeremy Scott NYFW afterparty.
Photo/GIF: Mr. Gif

Were you to look up Jonny Makeup on these here interwebs, you would learn that he is a performer, writer, and great American socialite. What that means is that his pretty mug has appeared on American Apparel ads as well as their tees, he's had a criminally underrated fledgling rap career (he and his crew the V.I.P. Party Boys are marvelous and have appeared on Cobra Starship's "Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk"), and there exist about one bazillion photos of him in Google images where he's hugging up on everyone from Paris Hilton to Peaches Geldof. Since he decamped for sunny Los Angeles from New York, we had the pleasure of bumping into Mister Makeup at Jeremy Scott "Lust in the Dust" SS2012 fashion show, where we chatted about his newest hustle—buyer for the hipster party photographer Mark "the Cobrasnake" Hunter's new digi-retail store, The Cobra Shop.

Jeremy Scott afterparty
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The Cobra Shop started about a year ago and is composed of dudes who travel around the world in search of dope pre-loved/hated vintage fashions and make them available online. Their motto is "We sell these clothes because they're awesome"...and they are. We're talking vintage snoopy sweaters, rando ponchos, and Boy London crop tees and sunnies. If you're thinking, "Bah, this is some hipster s***, I don't care blablalbla somethingsomething rancor..." we get it, but it's only because you don't know this guy. He is wildly entertaining and totally going to write a novel loosely based on his experience with his former employer, CEO/founder of American Apparel and well-known sexual deviant Dov Charney that we hope is going to be salacious, engrossing, and turned into a movie.


MTV Style: Describe the Cobrasnake and how it got started.

Jonny Makeup: The Cobrasnake is the stage name for my good pal Mark Hunter. He is a nice Jewish guy who has been photographing parties, editorial, and ads all over the world for almost 10 years. The Cobrasnake is now more than Mark's alias. It's more of lifestyle brand and an eclectic co-op for authentic alts that work for the brand. As a team, The Cobrasnake has done tons of collabs with brands like RVCA, Vespa, Boy London, Dim Mak etc. We also have an online vintage clothing store called The Cobra Shop.

What's your role at the store?

I needed a place to live and Mark needed some extra help. So I help with the buys, I help with copy-writing, creative direction, and also Mark's day-to-day management, since he travels so much. I'm also like Betty Draper around the house...or I mean, home office. [Laughs]

How long have you been doing this for?

This last New York Fashion Week marks our one year anniversary.

What's it like living and working together?

It can get A LOT stressful! There are five people living and working here, two mini houses, and two HUGE sheds filled with our inventory. Tension can get high. We are like a dysfunctional family, but at the end of the day when it's time to watch our TIVO'd shows, things are really sweet.

What’s the best part about the Cobra Shop?

Aside from the Jeremy Scott section and getting first dibs on amazing clothes, the best part about this place is when you are finished your daily chores, Mark is really adamant about us working on our creative and personal projects and using the website and Tumblr page to help us achieve them. For instance, our videographer, AJL is working on his own art, one of our photographers, Stryder, has a T-shirt line called Outline that is sold on the site, Madeline really is into blogging, Felicia is our photo intern and uses her shots to build her portfolio, and I just finished a novel and I'm working on music again! All of our products will eventually be available on the site. This place really should be called The Cobra Co-Op.

What is your favorite piece in the shop right now?

Well, everything in the Jeremy Scott section and also the Boy London collaboration because I got to help design the capsule collection, and Robyn wore the mesh crop top I made on TV!

When you’re shopping for new products, what specifically are you looking for?

Well, everyone is really on that '90s early 2000s tip now but I'm sure it will change in a week or so.

What/who inspires your style?

Well, Jeremy for one, duh! But really my look is pretty simple: a lil' thrift, a lot of sex shop fetish stuff, some vintage Westwood shoes, tons of Jeremy Scott. I'm a bunch of different subcultures all mashed into one small town boy who's still fresh off the turnip truck.

What is one piece of clothing you have that you CAN’T live without?

My one of a kind Jeremy Scott "Eat The Rich" motorcycle jacket is perfect for my Vespa. It's falling apart at the seams 'cause I wear it so much. Ohh...also red wool Jeremy Scott Mouse Trap bondage coat. It's one-of-a-kind!

What else is going on with the Cobra Shop?

We just started a casting agency since a lot of our models get signed after we shoot them for the shop. Also, we are working on something super top secret that involves a production staff and loads of papers to sign.

Favorite spot in L.A.?

I can't believe I'm telling my secrets but there are two awesome holes in the wall right next to each other called Beauty is Pain and Monster Party. If you go you have to bang on the door 'cause sometime the owners are jammin' or smokin' out in the back.

Biggest fashion pet peeve?

Cheap shoes that are a blatant knockoff of a designer a week after the collection shows. Honey, if you don't wanna spend the money you either gotta get a gentleman caller, skip rent, or go to a thrift store and find an archival piece that's similar.


Cobra Shop Women's Fashions
Photos: The Cobra Shop

Rina's Black Velvet Flowers Red Evening Cut Blazer: Throw on this jacket over some vintage fit jeans and a light colored top; you're Facebook-photo ready.

This Frame Turtle Sweater Dress is from Jeremy Scott's Opulence collection in 2008 and it's may-jah, sweetie. MAY-JAH.

And last but not least, the Bright Flowers '70s Maxi Dress. Maxi dresses are everywhere, all season, and since this is vintage and there's only one available, you won't have to worry about showing up in the same dress as your girl.

Cobra Shop Men's Fashions
Photos: The Cobra Shop

For guys, this Gold Chain Link Vest gives us serious moment. This would look SIIIICKNIN' over a white button down or buttoned under a vintage blue denim jacket. We. Love. Layers.

Obvs we can't let this go without dropping one of our favorite Jeremy pieces for dudes. This Jeremy Scott Food Fight Hooded Parka is the perfect way to stay warm and still swag. You won't go unnoticed in this little ditty.

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