Rannie (Ron + Sammie) Are Your Jersey Shore Style Champs Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 3)

Sammi and Ronnie are your Jersey Shore Style Champs of the night.
Photo: FilmMagic

Jersey Shore spoiler alert: Sam and Ronnie are back, and we are filled with a mixture of sad trombones and NO DUHs. But Pauly pointed something out that we never noticed. When Sam and Ron are together, the two both look funereal. Yup, black for both of them, which was evidenced when the boys noticed Ron slipping into his black v-neck, which apparently indicated that Ron is back into "Sweetheart"-mode. And anyone who wears their emotions on their shirt, literally, is our Jersey Shore Style Champ for tonight. In case you didn't know, this is the plan: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

We factor: commitment to keep everything fresh to death, the struggle of blow-drying your hair on a whole other voltage, the gruesome walk to the gym and any other trials and tribulations our favorite meat heads suffer. And now that we know that we can read Rannie like a BOOK through their clothing, they are the Season 4, Episode 3 style champs. Just...don't be afraid of color, you two...

Sam and Ronnie

The duo in single mode, lots of color to be seen.

Look at these two. Ready to take on the world. Both of them have smiles on their face, and while Sammi is indeed wearing SOME black, that poppa orange is doing her super T'd complexion some good. And while white is technically the absence of color, it can be all of the colors together, at once. Right? (I can't remember my physics that well.) Ron has even got patterns going on, letting his top, like, eight buttons fly and his man-chest get plenty of air. Could not be happier, these two.

Sammi and Ron getting ready, after they get back together. ALL BLACK.

After their romantic rooftop dinner, Ron and Sammi decide to give it another shot, and Vinny and Pauly D. figure it out by the way they get ready. When Ron chooses his black v-neck, Pauly teases, "It means conservative Ronnie tonight. It means he's with Sam." Then, when Sam runs through wearing a SUPER sexy body-con dress (which the boys erroneously also call "conservative") they tell her she's back in black. Hey, they aren't totally wrong when they proclaim, "What's wrong with colors!? She's been wearing colors all year!"

Ron and Sammie in black

The somber colors of Ron and Sammie.

Ugh. It's TOTALLY TRUE. These two only where black when they are together! Look at that! Maybe that's the issue at large here. Maybe they are afraid to let the other one shine or experiment when they are committed? Maybe they just get lazy and resort to the easiest color since they are mated? (Ew.) But, guys, there's some hope. Ron is wearing a BURN-OUT TEE. Maybe he's donning all black but isn't afraid to let in the light. Here's hoping, because we are die-hard Rannie romantics at heart.

Want to know who’ll GTL-it better than the rest? Come back here Thursday night to see who’ll get named the next Jersey Shore Style Star. It’ll blow your mind. And ours.



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